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Cameras Mono or Colour

Includes :
CCD Camera
Pelican Style Case
Power Supply
Power Regulator
Cables and leads
Sensor:            KAI 11002M
Total pixel:       4072 x 2720
Active pixels:    4032 x 2688  11Mpixels
Pixel Size:        9.0um x 9.0um square 
Imager Size:    36mm x 24mm
Read noise:      12-14e-   @1Mpixel/s
Peak QE:          50%
FullWell:           55-60Ke-
ABG:                1000x
Preview Speed: 3 Mpixel/s
Microlensing on chip
Progressive Scan readout
Internal temperature sensor & monitoring
16bit ADC with CDS and Preamp
USB2.0 High Speed interface
2-Stage TEC cooling
Built in 32MByte SDRAM buffer
DC-102 DC adapter & TEC Controller Supplied
Fully Sealed with 4.0mm Air Sockets (For remote installations)
The QHY11 is a full frame size 36x24mm cooled CCD camera. It uses the TrueSense KAI11002 CCD sensor and offers a big imaging area.
With 11 Mega Pixels and 9x9um pixel size, it offers you a very wide FOV using fast telescopes.
Cooling is typically around -45C delta T from ambient. This in turn provides a lower thermal noise and also less hot pixels.
Its also small and its slim cylinder body design allows it be used with Hyperstar Telescope Systems, or even in the primary focus with large telscopes.
With cheaper Astrographs being sold, the QHY11 is the right choice for such systems.

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Shipping and Packing for :

Regular delivery

To :

Australia Wide -        $30.00

Overnight Express

To :
$30.00        Victoria (Melb)
$45.00        NSW (Syd)
$45.00        S.A (Adel)
$55.00        QLD (Brisb)
$60.00        W.A (Perth)
$30.00        Tas (Hobart)
$60.00        NT (Alice Springs)

MUST be located within
30K from the CBD
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