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Filter Wheels
QHYCFW2-M-SR Mechanical details
7 Pos x 36mm Unmounted
5 Pos 2" Unmounted
QHYCFW2-M-US Mechanical details
7 Pos x 36mm Unmounted
5 Pos 2" Unmounted
QHY CFW2-M 50mm

OAG Small
OAG Medium
OAG Large

Hand Controller for CFW 1


QHYCFW2 details :

* Gear driven disc. Stable and solid.
* Specially designed filter disc allows different glass thickness for unmounted filters. From 0.7mm to 5mm.
* Motor relocated to a corner to increase the available area.
* Increased precision for filter location.
* Supports USB control and powered by USB when connected with computer.
* Supports the 4PIN QHY CFW socket on QHY11,QHY21/22/23 and InterCam series camera.
* Supports the 2pin socket with QHY9 (Needs external power supply).
* Open Source Firmware, Arduino compatible

QHYCFW2-S: Small size. Supports 5 x 36mm umounted filters.  Only 15.5mm thick. It also supports a 6 x 1.25inch unmounted filters with an optional disc (Special order).
The weight of QHYCFW2-S is 365g.

QHYCFW2-M: Medium size. Supports 5 x 2 inch Low Profile filters or 5 x 50mm unmounted filters. With an optional disc it will support 7 x 36mm unmounted filters.
The QHYCFW2-M comes in two models: QHYCFW2-M-UltraSlim and QHYCFW2-M-Standard. The thickness is 17mm for UltraSlim model and 21.5mm for standard model.
The weight is 675g for UltraSlim model and 705g for standard model.

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OAG are available for Small
Mediuim, and Large Filter wheels
QHY OAG -  Thin and Flexible Setup
QHYOAG is has the thin and solid design.
The OAG main body is just 10mm thickness.
But you may need a M42 thread or M54 connector board with 3mm thickness, in this condition it is 13mm totally
There is six 3mm through hole in the OAG.
It can connect with the QHYCFW2, QHY "A" series camera directly.
If you have no QHYCFW2 and QHY "A" series camera, you can also use this OAG directly with some adapters.
QHYOAG has three models. QHYOAG-S,QHYOAG-M,QHYOAG-L, in order to match the different CCD sensor size.
QHYOAG comes with a multi-thread 1.25inch focuser.
The focuser has a screw locker to get the guide camera solid fixed after focusing.
The prism position can be adjusted and it has a locker to fix the position.
The prism is 8mm*8mm size and the optic hole from prism to mirror is 8mm diameter.