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Without Adapter

Additional Adapters available

AVX adapter
AZEQ5 adapter
CEM25-S adapter
CEM60-S adapter
CGEM adapter
EQ6/AZEQ6 adapter
HEQ5-S adapter
IEQ30/45 adapter
High End mount adapter


PoleMaster - A high precision and easy to use electrictronic polar device

Achieving a high precision in polar alignment is not an easy feat.
You can spend a lot of time on it and yet, do not know if it is really aligned correctly
After you get everything ready and begin taking exposures, you accidently bumped the
mount, well, you will have to restart Polar alignment all over again,
take you three star alignment for your "Goto" to target your object and begin taking exposure again.
You can waste another hour to do all that and to your dismay you realise the clouds have come around,
or worse yet, its dawn and the sun is rising...

PoleMaster is a new QHYCCD invention and can solve these problems perfectly.
It gives you a direct and simple way to align with the pole, and usually within two minutes you can obtain a
very high precision polar alginemnt (Up to 30 arcsec).


All Prices subject to change due
to current U.S Dollar
Just a few Adapters available
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Shipping : Australia Wide $10.00
Insurance inc.
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