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Cameras Colour or Mono

QHY-183 C
QHY-183 M

$1130.00 C
$1620.00 M
Includes :
QHY183  20  MegaPixel CCD Camera
Cables and leads
The QHYCCD medium size COLDMOS camera series includes all of our cooled cameras
with sensor sizes from 1 inch to Full Frame (35mm Format) and includes BSI (back-illuminated)
and FSI (front-illuminated) CMOS sensors.

No one wants to lose a frame in a long exposure.  All of the QHY medium size COLDMOS
cameras have a built-in 128MB DDRII image buffer. The benefit of the image buffer,
compared to a camera without the buffer, is that the memory will cache the image and
transfer it to the computer when the USB interface is not busy or being interrupted, and
the frame will not be lost or corrupted.  This buffer also allows a slower computer with
USB 2.0 socket to capture every frame without loss even if the USB socket is occasionally
busy with other peripherals.  This buffer also helps multiple camera applications and avoids
USB transfer problems.  For example, it is possible to operate four QHY163M cameras on the
same computer to create an LRGB imaging array.

All Prices subject to change due
to current U.S Dollar
Shipping and Packing for :

Regular delivery

To :

Australia Wide -        $30.00

Overnight Express

To :
$35.00        Victoria (Melb)
$45.00        NSW (Syd)
$45.00        S.A (Adel)
$55.00        QLD (Brisb)
$60.00        W.A (Perth)
$30.00        Tas (Hobart)
$60.00        NT (Alice Springs)

MUST be located within
30K from the CBD
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