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Cameras Mono or Colour

QHY-22, 23
Includes :
CCD Camera
Pelican style Carry Case
Power Supply
Power Regulator
Cables and leads
CCD readout Method: Progressive Scan
FullWell Depth:  15Ke- to 20Ke-
Peak QE: 79% @550nm  >60%@Ha,70%@450nm
ABG: -105dB
Download Speed: 1.25 Mpixel/s
Preview Speed 4x4 Binning: 4.4 Mpixels
Readout noise: 5e- (Typ @1.25 Mpixel/s)
Supports Binning: 1X1,2X2,4X4
System Gain: 0.25 to 0.3 e-/ADU
Microlensing on chip
16 bit ADC with CDS and Preamp
USB 2.0 High Speed interface
Colorwheel Communcation port: 4PIN
2-Stage TEC cooling: -45 Deg C Delta
DC201 DC adapter & TEC Controller, Regulated Cooling
Weight: 470g (not inluding C-mount)
Size: D=77mm  Length=83mm
Optic window Anti-drew heater
Sealed CCD chamber with removable silicone tube socket
Electronic shutter
Built in Active Cooling Fan
Power consumption:
3.5W (Zero Cooling)
12.8W (50% Cooling)
25.8W (100% Coolling).
QHY22 and QHY23 cameras usie Sony's lastest high sensitivity ExviewII CCD sensor,ICX694 and ICX814. These sensors has very high QE (close to 80%) and have very low thermal noise. With QHYCCD's dual stage TEC cooling technology, these camera will reach -45C delta below ambient. Compared with some other competitors, these cameras reach temperature -10 to -15C better cooling which results in clearer background noise. Even in summer.
The readout noise of these cameras are also a highlight. They have typical 5 electrons readout noise. Readout noise is very important when capturing faint deep sky objects or when using narrow band filters. Less readout noise delivers better overall images when stacking. Less imaging time is required in the long run..
The cameras have a solid design. They come with a USB/Power cable clamp. This limits the USB and power cables from being pulled out accidentally, and provides a better contact..
The pixel size of QHY22,23 are small . Using a suitable telescope, outstanding detailed images can be produced. Please see sample images below.
The cameras also offer full moisture control. This includes a air-sealed CCD chamber with a desiccant tube socket and heated CCD chamber optical window.

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$30.00        Victoria (Melb)
$45.00        NSW (Syd)
$45.00        S.A (Adel)
$55.00        QLD (Brisb)
$60.00        W.A (Perth)
$30.00        Tas (Hobart)
$60.00        NT (Alice Springs)

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