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Cameras Colour

Temperature controlled and regulated Single stage TEC with -40 deg C Delta cooling.
Fully Air Sealed and Chamber. But CCD sensor is still easily accessible if required.
Lower noise levels overal than previous QHY-8, due to re-design and placement of Main board and electronics behind CCD chamber.

Uses Sony's ICX413AQ
High speed 16bit ADC with CDS and Preamp
Fully sealed chamber
Total pixels : 3110 x 2030
Active pixels: 3032 x 2016
Pixel Size:    7.8um x 7.8um square 
Color method:  RGB BAYER film on CCD
Effective sensor area: 25.1 x 17.64 mm
QE: 60% at Green (Peak) , 50% at Blue and H.a
Readout noise: 6-10 e   @600 Kpixel/s
Microlensing on chip
ABG: -110dB
USB2.0 High Speed interface
Built in temperature sensor
Cooling to -40 Deg C Delta
DC201 with TEC controller/Regulator
Ultra compact size suitable for primary focus imaging, e.g Hyperstar
Weight: 400g

Includes :
QHY8L 6.0 MegaPixel Colour CCD Camera
Pelican Style Case
Power Supply
Power Regulator
Cables and leads
All Prices subject to change due
to current U.S Dollar
Shipping and Packing for :

Regular delivery

To :

Australia Wide -        $30.00

Overnight Express

To :
$30.00        Victoria (Melb)
$45.00        NSW (Syd)
$45.00        S.A (Adel)
$55.00        QLD (Brisb)
$60.00        W.A (Perth)
$30.00        Tas (Hobart)
$60.00        NT (Alice Springs)

MUST be located within
30K from the CBD
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