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InterCam 8300 Camera is the world first  open source standalone Astronomy Cooled
Deep Sky Camera and world first Camera with fully Internet Connection Camera via
WIFI. IC8300 is a classicBuiltin heating plate and an external drying interfaces,
effectively avoid condensation problems at low temperatures . In addition to the strong
cooling effect, low thermal noise and the low readout noise, IC8300 also builtin a
ARM system . you can use it without a computer . WIFI  interface allows wireless control,
remote login. The camera also includes two serial ports, a USB host interface, a 4pin filter wheel
interface. By appropriate software, you can access the equatorial ,electric focusing, a guiding
camera. Achieve a complete imaging system.  IC8300 includes builtin LINUX operating system.
QHYCCD provides LINUX version of EZCAP software, INDI drivers. IC8300 global open source
developers also provides iAstroHub for IC8300 and other applications. In addition to 
stand-alone  mode, IC8300 also provides a common USB camera mode, you can connect with
the computer as an ordinary astronomical camer via USB cable.QHYCCD provides WINDOWS
version of EZCAP software and ASCOM drivers.mono camera using the very popular 8.6mega pixel
KAF8300 CCD sensor. This sensor has a good QE for deep sky imaging. It has two stage TEC and
typical delta T is -45C below ambient.

$3000. Stand.
$3320. Prem.
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