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16mega pixels APS-H format astronomy CCD camera

QHY16200A/IC16200A uses a unique APS-H CCD sensor, a product of close collaboration between
QHYCCD and Sensor Supplier . This sensor is specially designed and manufactured with amateur
astronomers in mind who needs mono sensor larger than APS-C.

APS-H Format CCD Sensor

The effective image area is 27mm*21.6mm. To compare with the QHY8L APS-C format 23.4*15.8,
the APS-H sensor is significantly bigger. The reason to make such a snesor is due to no such mono
sensor between 8300(4/3inch) to 11002(full size). This sensor is 16mega pixels. The APS-H format
is suitable for most telescope and also suitable for 2inch fitlers.

The pixel size of this sensor is 6.0um*6.0um.It silightly bigger than the 8300's 5.4um. The QE is
expected to similar or higher than 8300. The 37ke fullwell is much higher than the 25.5ke of 8300.

This sensor has both mono and color version. By default QHY16200A/IC16200A uses the mono version.
Also by request we can offer the color version.The sensor's color filter is not the common bayer filter array.
It is RGBW arranged and can be regarded as one short LRGB imaging camera.

"A" Series Camera - Fully Integrated

Both QHY16200A and IC16200A belong to QHYCCD new "A" series camera family. "A" stands for "ALL-IN-ONE".
It includes a built-in motor driven filter wheel and it natively supports the QHYOAG. The OAG can be installed on
the camera solidly with six screws at minimum back focus, precious for some optical systems.

The filter wheel in QHY16200A/IC16200A is 5 positions for 2inch filters. The camera compatible with the medium size QHYOAG.

Besides the filter wheel and OAG, "A" series camera has more to offer. An internal USBHUB(2.0) provides two USB host port and
a USB to dual RS232 coverter. Guiding camera, mount and electric focuser can be connected directly to this camera instead of
the computer to reduce cable clutter and chance of signal loss due to the long cables. Only one USB cable to rule them all.
QHY16200A with OAG

With OAG Only

With 7 position F/wheel and OAG
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