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6mega pixels 1-inch high QE astronomy CCD camera

QHY695A/IC695A uses the ultra high sensitivity SONY ExView II CCD sensor ICX695. This sensor has a QE close to 80%.
The readout noise is as low as 4 electron. With the two stage TEC, -45C below ambinent and the extremly low thermal
noise of ccd sensor, this camera brings a clean image to you. This camera has built-in 7 position 36mm umounted filter disk.
You can fill the LRGB Ha OIII SII filters into it at one time. To compare with the five or six fitlers disk, this camera will make
LRGB and narrowbanding imaging much easy. Although the sensor has electric shutter. This camera still has a mechanical
shutter installed. This mechanical shutter can be used for automaticly dark frame capture. Therefor It maybe use for some
funny things, like cover the light when guide error is too big to avoid the star drift during long exposure

QHY695A with OAG

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